Our Vision

To be the best Sixth Form Tutorial centre in Greece , and sustain an environment of educational excellence , to optimize our students' potential so they can achieve beyond expectations through tutoring and mentoring.

Over the last century, Sixth Form Colleges and Tutorial Centres have been established throughout the United Kingdom as a support and sometimes even an alternative to the traditional school.
UK4U British Tutorial Centre has adopted a British mentality and ethos and the philosophy of education for the individual equal to UK Sixth Form Colleges and Tutorial Centres due to the great experience shared by its academic coordinator and staff.

At UK4U British Education Centre , we believe in learning through courses tailored to suit each individual; and we focus on individual learning because each student has unique qualities and needs. We also encourage our students to take personal responsibility for their studies and to succeed as independent learners. We are committed to putting students first; fostering self-confidence, responsibility and independence in our students; and promoting accessible learning for all.

Savas Politis
Academic Director, UK4U

UK4U was established in 2012, however its staff has a long tradition and experience in British Education. Our Academic Director has served as Head of Sixth Form and University Adviser for 12 years at a British School in Athens, in addition to being an established teacher in Mathematics and Physics for IGCSE and GCE. Prior to that, he was involved with Foundation and University level courses, both as a teacher and as a administrator. Over these years he has regularly visited UCAS (University & Colleges Admission Services) conferences in the UK in order to update himself on all current issues on British education, as well as form affiliations with most UK Universities.

He has also taken part in various seminars and workshops on British Education and School Leadership and Management, including a recent intensive course on Middle Leaders organized by the Council of British International Schools (COBIS) and Edge Hill University; this course is followed by top Heads in the UK and is considered to be the best tool in running a school or college dealing with British Education. Finally he is also an agent of British Education in Greece, certified by the British Council, which has allowed him to have extensive knowledge of the British Education system from Nursery to Year 13 and thus act as an advisor for prospective students throughout Greece.


"I joined UK4U in September 2013 and completed the Business and Economics Foundation course. Although it was a very challenging year, the teachers and incredible support provided by all helped me with achieving the grades I needed to get into my chosen university. I am very proud to say that I am now a graduate of the BSc International Event Management programme, from the University of Brighton and have recently been hired as an Event Coordinator for Reed Exhibitions. Without a doubt UK4U played a massive role in all of this and I would highly recommend it to anybody interested in pushing themselves and achieving their goals."

Christina Sotirakopoulou
Events Coordinator, Aircraft Interiors Expo Europe & America

“I met Dr Politis back in 2015, during my final year of Lykeio. After having already completed one year of A-levels in a different school, I came across UK4U and decided to contact them and see if they were the right option for me. I was quick to realise that UK4U offered me the perfect environment to focus on my academic studies and achieve my ultimate goal; gain entry into medical school. All the tutors thoroughly prepared me for my exams, especially Dr Politis who was my Maths and Physics tutor, providing me with useful materials and always being there to answer my every enquiry. After UK4U guided me through the UCAS application process and helped me select the right universities, they prepared me for the BMAT test, which is required by many medical schools in the UK, and I managed to achieve a top score. Apart from helping me do my best academically, UK4U also helped me secure a clinical placement opportunity in Athens, which provided me with invaluable clinical experience and allowed me to enhance my UCAS application. After being offered interviews by medical schools, I received my offers and decided to confirm my place at Brighton and Sussex Medical School, which was ranked #1 for student satisfaction in the UK this and the previous year. I am going into my second year of medical school now and I can’t express how happy I am to be studying medicine in one of the best medical schools in Europe. I wouldn’t have done it without the wonderful help of UK4U!“

Stef Tsatsari
2nd year Medicine, Brighton & Sussex Medical School (BSMS) / A*A*A*A (Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics)

"Studying in the UK has always been a dream for me and UK4U British Education Centre helped me achieve this dream. Having to attend Greek High School while at the same time preparing for the English A-Level exams was rather challenging, but through the teaching, guidance and advice I have been given at UK4U I managed to succeed. Dr Politis did not only prepare me for the exams, but also aided me to choose a university and course subject wisely and to make my application for the university, student loan and accommodation. I would blindly recommend UK4U to anyone who is interested in studying abroad, or even just seeking information about British higher education in general, at any level."

Dimitris F.
A*,A,A*,A – GCE Mathematics, Physics, M. Greek, AS Further Mathematics)

"I would like to thank Savas Politis and UK4U for their help and support regarding both my children and their plans for studying in the UK. I trusted them completely in preparing and choosing the appropriate university for both and I could not be happier with the results. Their knowledge of British Higher Education and their professionalism is unparallel. I would highly recommended UK4U to anyone interested in studying not only in the UK, but to any English-speaking university in the world, since Savas is quite knowledgeable on the subject and an excellent counsellor as well as teacher."

Christos Sotirakopoulos

"I have always wanted to learn about the universe, I was fascinated with its mysteries and the fact that we know so little about it. When I took the decision to study Astrophysics, I also decided to study abroad, although I was a student at a Greek public school in Pallini. This was not an easy decision to make, but I was lucky enough to go to UK4U British Education center. Thanks to Dr Politis I manage to make my dream a reality and now I have secured a place to study Nuclear Astrophysics in Surrey. This may be only the beginning, but I wouldn’t be able to do it without the help of UK4U. I am thankful for all their help and support in fulfilling my dream and I recommend them to anyone who wants to study abroad, whether UK, rest of Europe or USA."

Nikos T.
First Year student at Surrey for Nuclear Astrophysics

"I came to UK4U with the hope of guidance and support for my quest of studying PPE in the UK. After a disastrous half year in a private institution in Spain and already holding an Apolytirion of 19.7, GCE A-levels were my only option. UK4U fulfilled my hopes and dreams towards the best possible solution. Although holding already an unconditional by York, they pushed me to my limits and through exceptional tuition and university counselling I have been accepted by KCL. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you UK4U."

Elisavet K.
A*,A,A – M. Greek, Mathematics, French

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