The General Certificate of Education (GCE) is a British school advanced - level qualification necessary for entry to any UK university. It is considered the ‘ gold standard ’ of entry requirements by UK institutions and close to 90% of all students entering an English or a Welsh University usually hold three or above GCE qualifications . In addition to UK universities, GCEs are internationally benchmarked qualifications providing an exceptional preparation for university studies and as a result, are recognised by most European universities which run programmes in the English language, as well as by many American & Canadian universities .

There are almost 100 different subjects offered by the seven examination boards currently existing in the UK, with the two that have more international presence than the others being the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) and the Edexcel (ex University of London) examination board.

One year GCE A-Level programme

This programme is suited for ambitious students with high expectations of entering elite UK universities, such as LSE, Imperial, Warwick, Bath, UCL, King’s, Bristol, Edinburgh, St. Andrews and others, where the UAP is not accepted and additional qualifications apart from the “Apolytirion” are necessary (For example Mechanical Engineering at Imperial requires an Apolytirion with overall mark of 18.5 plus A-levels in Mathematics and Physics with A/B).

The programme is very demanding due to the high requirements and great competition for entering the universities mentioned above. Teaching at the college is intensive, student-centred and exam-specific. Our aim is to teach the material in a clear and direct way, checking understanding by careful review and continuous practice from previous examination questions in order to develop answering skills.

It must be stressed, however, that a one-year course places a greater onus on the student to undertake additional reading as directed by the tutor, careful summarised note-taking and practice from examination-style questions. A substantial amount of preparation, to re-inforce and develop the material covered in class, is required. A one-year course should not be contemplated unless the student is willing and able to put in the necessary work. Students are expected to attend all classroom lessons and work hard during guided study time periods.

Admission criteria for this programme are the following:

  • For Greek Lykeion graduates the minimum requirement is an Apolytirio of 17/20, with high grades in the subjects of interest and a very good level (CAE level) of knowledge of the English language.
  • For students currently in their last year of school ( whether Greek system or IB or any other system) the minimum requirement is an excellent academic record over the past two years ( especially in the subjects of interest) as well as good knowledge of English.
  • Pass the UK4U British Tutorial Centre admission test.
All of the subjects offered are externally assessed by Edexcel and examinations are planned twice in the academic year, once during the January session and once during the May-June session.
Most of the subjects offered are modular, i.e. the curriculum is divided equally into 4-6 units and students sit an examination for each unit separately. The first 2-3 units make up the Advanced Subsidiary Level (AS) of the whole GCE programme and the remaining 2-3 units make up the Advanced Level of the GCE programme. Each unit and subsequently each level is equally weighted and hence even if a student does not perform well in one unit that does not necessarily mean that he/she has failed, since he/she has the opportunity of raising the overall grade by performing very well in the other units or re-taking that specific unit.

The programme runs for 33 weeks with 6 academic periods per week per subject. This is an afternoon programme and commences every year on October 1st. Timetables are usually announced two weeks in advance and a minimum of two students per subject is required for the programme to run.

A-level subjects commonly taught (not restricted list) are:

- Mathematics
- Further Mathematics
- Physics
- Chemistry
- Biology
- Economics
- Psychology
- History

GCE A-Level Tutorial Course

These courses run throughout the year and they are “individually tailored”.

In other words these courses are for students who already follow an A-level programme in schools like Doukas, Byron College or St. Lawrence and they are in need of extra tutorial tuition throughout the year ( minimum 2 hrs. per week ) in order to prepare better for their examinations.

UK4U also offers more rigorous courses suited for students who require an intensive Christmas, Easter or summer course of specific amount of hours, which will be based on revision work and past paper preparation, in order to prepare better for their examinations or in order to re-take an examination. More specifically:

Our A level retake courses offer students a motivating environment in which to take a fresh look at their work. The typical teaching pattern includes 4-8 hours per week for a period of 7 – 10 weeks, depending on the background knowledge of each student and can take place either during summer with an intensive refresher week just before the official examination or during the normal academic year.

Christmas & Easter Revision Courses for A-level candidates have become increasingly popular in recent years, providing an intensive overview of the specified core material. Subject material is reviewed in an efficient and clear manner, with specific reference to previous exam questions, to ensure familiarity with their style and format. Careful guidance is provided with answering technique and the course includes two timed tests and a final mock exam. Teaching takes place over eight days for each session, with intense teaching of 8hrs per day, including mock examinations and review, for a maximum of two subjects.


Our A-level programme over the last 6 years has resulted into our students entering top UK Universities, such as UCL, KCL, Brighton Sussex Medical School, York, Warwick and many others. Our exam results have placed our students in the top percentage worldwide.

Here are some of our achievements:
- Stefania T. – A*A*A*A (Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics)
- Dimitris F. – A*AA*A (Mathematics, Physics, M. Greek, AS Further Mathematics)
- Petros K.  - A*,A (Mathematics, Physics)
- Nikos B. – A* (Economics)
- Stylianos L. – A*A* (Mathematics, Physics – B’ Lykeiou)
- Nikos T. – AA* (Mathematics, Physics)
- Elisavet K. – AAA* (Mathematics, French, M. Greek).


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